Beekeepers in Afghanistan

Dezember 7, 2020
Dezember 7, 2020 hearts100

Beekeepers in Afghanistan

In the province of Daikundi, women are trained as beekeepers.

In the province of Daikundi, women are trained as beekeepers. This allows them to sell honey on the local market and thus support their families.

Project costs: 13’000 USD, which were transferred by hearts100!

Nasiba’s husband is seriously ill and cannot work.

She is the only breadwinner of her family. Her children are small and are going to school. She does farming on her small piece of land, where she grows wheat and through that, she could hardly feed her family. Besides farming she has been given 5 beehive boxes funded by hearts100 organization.

She says: “ I am less concerned now about livelihood, I can manage the living expenses and can send her children to school, I could take more than 20 Kg honey = 8,000-10,000 AFN ($ 120) in three months”.

Nazifa is 33 years old and supervise her family.

Her husband is disabled and his left hand is paralyzed. Nazifa together with her husband works on the field through which they hardly earn a living. They are poor and have no other way of income. She received 5 beehives boxes through the project. Her honey bees produced around 23 Kg of honey in fall 2020.

She says: “ I am happy, we produced 23kgs of honey, as the winter arrives, people are asking for honey, we have sold some and we have plan to take some to Nili ( center of province ) too”. The good thing is that my children can also take honey after this while we have never taken honey before”. God bless you/SO.

Farzana is 25 years old and a widow.

She has lost her husband 3 years ago in a car accident. She is working on her field which is not sufficing their needs and always seek her close relatives’ support of kind e.g a bag of flower/wheat, potato, cooking oil etc.

She says: “I am very hopeful to expand it (honey beekeeping) I have learned how to work and will teach my children to help me out raring the bees. God willing, this will make us needless of others supports in the future”.

Moarefa is the eldest daughter of the family.

Her father died 4 years ago and she has no elder brother. After the death of her father, she has provided all the expenses and needs of the family through farming in the land, inherited from her father. She hardly manages to feed her 9 family members. She is very hard-working and struggled with many problems to provide for his family’s alimony and expenses.

Moarefa cited: “Thank you supporting me, thanks to the community members to introduce me for this good project, I feel better and strong now as I have another option to support my family. I have high sprit and love to work more on honey production”.

Zakia’s husband works on other’s land as share-cropper.

…, which is always not good to support the family that ways due to drought and less land fertility.

Zakia is happy and says: “ I am very motivated to work hard on honey productions, it would help me and my husband to fulfil the needs of our family , the good thing is that, Kiti( name of her village ) is warm in winter, so we are not abliged to send the bees to warmer areas.”